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Case Study

Efficient Urban Installation: AFS 400 Foundation for Crown Castle

Crown Castle hired on ARE Telecom to install our AFS 400 to support communication antennas.

AFS 400

Ballasted System - 40' Tilt-Up Pole
Santa Rose, California
Crown Castle
Completed Installation

The Need

ARE Telecom was contracted by Crown Castle to design, manufacture and install our AFS 400 ballasted foundation system and tilt-up/self-raising monopole to support communication antennas for a temporary installation in Santa Rosa, California.


ARE Telecom designed a pole for Crown Castle requirements and matched it with our AFS 400 foundation system. The small footprint of the AFS 400 helped in the permitting process for an installation in a small urban parking lot. The foundation and pole were off-loaded and installed in 20 man-hours. The self raising pole made it possible for the antennas to be installed on the ground and be erected without the use of a crane.

Project Benchmarks

  • Crew flexibility and equipment availability allowing for fast installation on short notice
  • Antennas installed on ground level eliminating the need to climb

Project Resources

  • 2-man crew
  • 1-day assembly
  • Skid-steer
  • Local aggregate base used for ballast


  • Limited space and access
  • Significant logistics coordination due to offloading, storage, and work space limitations
  • Quick install

1 Level Surface

Level area for foundation

2 Base Assembly

Assemble the base

3 Assembled Sidewalls

Assemble sidewalls

4 Ballast

Fill foundation with local ballast

5 Raising System

Deploy pole with Hydraulic Raising System