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Case Study

AFS 1300 80' Tilt-Up Pole Crown Castle

Crown Castle was in need of a 80' self-raising pole to support communication AT&T antennas on a remote mountain top.

AFS 1300

Ballasted System - 80' Tilt-Up Pole
Peshastin, Washington
Crown Castle
Completed Installation

The Need

ARE Telecom was contracted by Crown Castle to design, manufacture, and install our AFS ballasted foundation system and tilt-up/self-raising monopole to support communication AT&T antennas on a remote mountain top in the Wenatchee Mountains.


ARE designed the pole and matched it with our AFS 1300 foundation system. The site location was difficult to access and relied on a rarely used US forestry road. All components were transported by small truck or telehandler. Although bad weather made the mountain pass and path icy and overall installation difficult, foundation and pole were off-loaded and installed within 3 days. The self-raising pole made it possible for the antennas to be installed on the ground and did not require additional equipment or dangerous climbing. This versatile quick install system sits above ground and has a small footprint of 15’. It is certified to TIA 222 rev G and used for both permanent or temporary installations.

Project Benchmarks

  • Crew flexibility and equipment availability allowing for installation under challenging conditions
  • Tight time constraints
  • Tight footprint without use of crane

Project Resources

  • 3-person crew
  • 3 days
  • Skid-steer
  • Telehandler


  • Limited space and access
  • Significant logistics planning due to remote site in an isolatd mountain range
  • Quickly and efficiently deployed over 3 days

1 Container
2 King Post
3 Truss Arms
4 Ballast
5 RaisePole
Step 1

AFS will arrive in a container to offload

Step 2

Set your king-post and attach base trays

Step 3

Attach truss arms onto base trays and attach side walls

Step 4

Fill foundation with local ballast

Step 5

Attach pole sections and raise pole with ARE Hydraulic Ram system