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Case Study

ARE Telecom's AFS 200 Pole Enhances Argonne's Research

Argonne National Labs was in need of a 30 foot pole to support electrical components to record data for energy research purposes.

AFS 200

Ballasted System - 30' Tilt-Up Pole
Lima, Montana
Argonne National Labs
Completed Installation

The Need

ARE Telecom and Broadband was hired on by Argonne National Labs to install our AFS 200 30’ Tilt-Up Pole to support recording climate date (SAGE). Argonne is involved in research related to developing advanced nuclear energy systems, renewable energy technologies, energy storage, and energy efficiency. The AFS 200 is being used to support various electrical components to record data which is transmitted by Starlink- a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX.


The AFS 200 system allowed Argonne to have a permanent or temporary foundation and 30’ self-raising pole that is assembled by 2 people, with only hand tools, within hours, that can support their technical requirements and be hauled to remote sites in a conventional pick-up truck. With the help of ARE’s patented system, Argonne is able to conduct their research at any remote location.

Project Benchmarks

  • Installs in hours
  • No motorized equipment required
  • Pole hydraulic rams are powered by 12v truck battery
  • Ballast blocks purchased locally
  • Raising system removed and used on other ARE pole systems

Project Resources

  • Pick-up truck and trailer
  • Hand tools
  • Compactor
  • ARE 12v pole raising system
  • Concrete blocks


  • Pole top deflection for Starlink dish
  • Limited budget
  • Remote Montana location
  • Tight deadline due to severe weather

1 Packing Crate

AFS 200 foundation in shipping crate

2 Leveled Base

Level area for ballast trays

3 Assembled Foundation

Assemble center hub, legs and attach ballast trays

4 Hydraulic Ram

Pin bottom of ram to bottom plate, pin pole base to foundation, then pin top of ram to pole section

5 Add Components

Assemble pole, use criss-cross bolt tightening with 3 torquing passes

6 Completed Install

Connect clamps to 12v vehicle battery and raise pole