ARE Accessories

Adjustable Grate Platform

ARE’s Adjustable Grate Platform is constructed from galvanized steel. It can be raised or lowered with a hand crank to achieve the desired height, accommodating different needs and requirements.

  • Weight: 255 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4' x 4'

Standing Platform

The ARE removable Standing Plate is a versatile and convenient system designed for use with ARE Monopoles. These platforms can be used in permanent or temporary installations, making them a flexible option for a range of applications.

  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12" x 14"

Pedestal Cabinet

Pedestal Cabinet stands are used with our systems to hold materials such as electrical boxes. The stands supporting legs can bolt to the foundation trays offering elevation and support to suit your specific project and requirements.

  • Weight: 344 lbs
  • Top Dimensions: 24" x 24"

Chain Link Fencing Kit

The Chain Link Fencing Kit designed for pole foundations provides a convenient solution for quickly installing a secure and durable perimeter by attaching chain link fabric to sturdy poles, ensuring efficient boundary protection.

5 Rung Ladder (AFS 1100 - 1300)

The 5-Rung Ladder designed for pole installation offers a safe and convenient solution for climbing or accessing heights by securely attaching to a pole, providing stability and easy vertical mobility.

  • Weight: 92lbs
  • Dimensions: 24in x 99in

7 Rung Ladder (AFS 1700 - 3000)

The 7-Rung Ladder is specifically designed for larger poles, providing secure footing and stability for elevated tasks. Its durable construction and extended reach make it an ideal choice for professionals working on taller structures.

  • Weight: 108lbs
  • Dimensions: 24in x 119in

Chain Mount Ladder

The Chain Mount Ladder offers versatile attachment capabilities, allowing it to securely fasten to any pole at any location. Its adjustable design ensures reliable stability and easy access for various tasks and environments.

  • Dimensions: 15in x 182in

Pole Jacking Bracket

Pole Jacking Brackets are essential tools for slip joint poles as they enable precise alignment and efficient pulling together of sections, ensuring a secure connection that promotes stability and structural integrity in slip joint pole installations.

Tuf-Tug Safety Cables

Tuf-Tug Safety Climbing Cables provide reliable and secure vertical ascent, offering peace of mind for workers in elevated environments. These cables are designed with durability and user safety in mind, making them a trusted choice for vertical climbing applications.

Climbing Pegs

Climbing Pegs designed for ARE poles can be easily installed on pre-existing holes, providing a convenient and secure solution for ascending the pole. These pegs ensure a stable foothold and enhance safety for workers performing tasks at elevated heights.

Anchor Bolts

Anchor Bolts feature metal plates with pre-screwed bolts, nuts, and washers, enabling quick and convenient access to the necessary components. This streamlined design ensures efficient installation in concrete foundations, and easy retrieval of specific anchor bolts, promoting efficiency and minimizing downtime in construction or assembly projects.

AFS Bolt Sets

AFS Bolt Sets come equipped with a range of bolts, nuts, and washers, providing a comprehensive solution for various fastening needs. These sets are designed to offer convenience and efficiency by organizing and grouping bolts and their corresponding components, allowing for easy identification and quick access during assembly or repair tasks.