ARE Tilt-Ups

Think Different.
Raise Smoothly.

ARE Tilt-Up Poles — Low-Cost Installations in Remote Locations of the World

ARE raising

Hi there Tilt-Up poles are a innovative and efficient way to install monopoles, providing a safer and more cost-effective alternative to traditional methods. Unlike conventional methods, which involve using a crane to drop sections into place, tilt-up systems use a hinged base and a raising system such as a hydraulic ram or motorized screw jack to raise the pole into place.

No Cranes

The obvious benefit is cost. Once you purchase ARE hydraulic rams and power unit, you’ll never need to pay for a crane.

Remote Installations

As we started developing our Ballasted Foundations, we always had remote sites in mind. Our Tilt-Up Poles make Mountain Top Installations possible. Just like our AFS Ballasted Foundations, all you need to assemble and raise our poles is a telehandler. Remove the rams when your done and use them on your next ARE Pole.

Economy of Installation

Cranes need to be scheduled often weeks in advance. Anyone who has tried to forecast when a crew will complete a foundation knows that it’s a difficult task to efficiently schedule a crane. Their availability and if they’re on schedule, then hoping it aligns with your crews work schedule – the weather and equipment breakdown – make an efficient installation without unnecessary costs difficult. Unless you have an ARE Tilt-up Pole, which allows your crew to start raising the pole whenever they’re ready – saving time and money.

Project Management

One crane coordination is difficult enough. If you’re trying to manage installation of many poles, the benefit and cost savings of our Tilt-Up Poles only increases.