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Case Study

80'/120' Direct Embedment Pole

ARE Telecom was contracted to provide manufacturing, logistics, and installation of an Direct Embedment Pole

120' Direct Embedment Pole

Ballasted System - 120' Direct Embedment Monopole
Not disclosed
Private Company
Completed Installation

The Need

ARE Telecom was contracted by a private company to provide design consulting, manufacturing, logistics, and installation of a 120’ Direct Embedment Pole.


Thanks to ARE Telecom’s expertise and innovative solutions, the installation of ARE’s 120’ Direct Embedment Pole has allowed for better signal quality in a rural part of the installation area. Due to the unknown soil conditions of the site, the foundation and monopole solution was designed to utilize flexible and reusable equipment and accommodate below grade installation requiring no concrete.

Project Benchmarks

  • No concrete
  • Crew flexibility and equipment availability
  • Customization and flexibility
  • Buried in ground to address space constraints

Project Resources

  • 3-man crew
  • 1 day
  • Crane
  • Telehandler
  • Digger


  • Limited space and access
  • Time constraints
  • Rural installation location

1 Shipping
2 Dig Hole
3 Pole
4 Foundation
5 Backfill
6 Stack Pole
Step 1

Direct Embedment Pole will arrive on a flatbed truck

Step 2

With a digger, drill a hole in level area

Step 3

Confirm hole is wide and long enough for the pole

Step 4

Set the pole with a telehandler

Step 5

Once pole is set, back-fill the hole with dirt

Step 6

Stack the remaining pole sections with a crane