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Case Study

Remote Mountain Top Antenna Solution for Mastec/AT&T

Mastec/AT&T was in need of a pole on an isolated mountain top in Capitan, NM.

AFS 1700

Ballasted System - 85' Tilt-Up Pole
Capitan, New Mexico
Completed Installation

The Need

Mastec/AT&T was in need of a 85’ pole on an isolated mountain top in Capitan, NM. The 15 mile unmaintained dirt road to the site made the installation a challenge. ARE Telecom was contracted to install our AFS 1700 ballasted foundation system with an 85’ self-raising monopole to support AT&T communication antennas.


ARE Telecom’s AFS 1700 ballasted foundation system is designed to fit in a container and was brought to the mountain top by truck and trailer. ARE’s Hydraulic System raised made it possible to raise the pole without the use of a crane.

Project Benchmarks

  • Crew flexibility and equipment availability allowing for installation under time constraints
  • On-site modifications to increase system capacity
  • Compacted gravel base

Project Resources

  • 3-person crew
  • Dump truck
  • Skid-steer
  • Local fill used for ballast
  • Hand tools


  • Isolated mountain top
  • Site not accessible by a crane
  • Rock base
  • Rapid installation required

1 Flatbed

AFS foundation and pole will arrive on a flatbed truck

2 Level Site

Level site for foundation

3 King Post

Set your king-post and attach base trays and truss arms

4 Ballast

Attach side walls and add ballast

5 RaisePole

Attach pole sections and raise pole with ARE Hydraulic Ram system