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Case Study

AFS 600 60' Tilt-Up Pole T-Mobile

ARE Telecom was contracted by T-Mobile to manufacture and install our AFS 600 ballasted foundation system and tilt-up self raising pole to support communication antennas.

AFS 600

Ballasted System - 60' Tilt-Up Pole
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Completed Installation

The Need

T-Mobile needed to install a microwave antenna on a 60’ pole in a local parking lot. ARE’s AFS 600 allowed T-Mobile to have a permanent or temporary foundation with a 60’ self-raising pole that is assembled by 2 people. This system allowed for the antennas to be installed on the ground and be raised without use of a crane.


Thanks to ARE Telecom’s expertise and innovative solutions, T-Mobile was able to significantly improve the reliability and performance of its telecommunication infrastructure. T-Mobile was able to meet their customers’ needs and deploy an ARE system quickly, that can remain on site permanently if needed, or disassembled and removed in 1 day.

Project Benchmarks

  • Crew flexibility and equipment availability allowing for installation under time constraints
  • Above ground foundation required no digging
  • Fast to install-tanks and truss arms were pre-assembled before shipping
  • Permanent or temporary

Project Resources

  • 3-man crew
  • 1 day
  • Skid-steer
  • Telehandler
  • ARE 20T hydraulic rams/12v vehicle battery power unit


  • Limited space and access
  • Quickly deployed
  • Pavement base

1 Add
2 Trays
3 Truss Arms
4 RaisePole
Step 1

Set king-post and attach truss arms

Step 2

Assemble ballast trays and ballast boxes

Step 3

Fill ballast boxes with local ballast

Step 4

Attach pole sections and raise pole with ARE Hydraulic Ram system