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Case Study

Quick Installation by Small Crew for Verizon

ARE Telecom was contracted by Verizon to manufacture and install our AFS 1700 ballasted foundation system and tilt-up self raising pole to support communication antennas.

AFS 1700

Ballasted System - 120' Tilt-Up Pole
Prior Lake, Minnesota
Completed Installation

The Need

ARE Telecom was contracted by Verizon to install a temporary AFS 1700 tilt-up pole to support Verizon, T-Mobile, and ATT antennas while the city water tower was having repairs completed.


After running analysis to determine the pole loading and requirements, ARE Telecom chose their AFS 1700 pole, a portable and self-supporting temporary tower that can quickly be installed in the vicinity of the water tower due to its relatively small footprint of 23’ in diameter. The AFS 1700 pole is designed to provide a temporary or permanent foundation and pole system that uses local dirt, rock, or gravel for ballast- allowing for fast installation by a small crew. ARE’s self-erecting 120’ monopole was raised in hours and required only a telehandler to install the entire foundation and 120’ pole.

Project Benchmarks

  • Fast installation due to time constraints
  • Above ground foundation required no digging
  • Self-raising/lowering 120’ pole- no crane required
  • Permanent or temporary

Project Resources

  • 4-man crew
  • 3 days
  • Telehandler
  • Hand tools


  • Rapid installation required
  • Limited space

1 Level

Level site for foundation using local dirt or rock

2 King Post

Set your king-post and attach base trays

3 Truss arms

Once your base trays are set, attach truss arms

4 Complete Foundation

Attach pole sections, side walls, and fill with ballast