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Case Study

AFS 1300 80' Tilt-Up Pole U.S. National Park Service

U.S. National Park Service was in need of an AFS 1300 to support solar powered communication antennas to the park.

AFS 1300

Ballasted System - 80' Tilt-Up Pole
Woodstack, Vermont
U.S. National Park Service
Completed Installation

The Need

ARE Telecom provided the U.S. National Park Service to mobilize and install our AFS 1300 ballasted foundation system with an 80’ tilt-up monopole and hydraulic raising system to support a solar powered communication antenna to the park.


ARE’s AFS 1300 ballasted foundation system is a versatile system designed to provide ease of portability and installation while providing a solid base for monopoles up to 80’. Our hydraulic pole raising system allows the pole to be lifted and lowered without a crane. This results in significantly easier maintenance.

Project Benchmarks

  • Mobilize all equipment, tools, and ballast up to a half-mile logging trail
  • Pre-install logistics plan developed due to remote installation
  • On-site technical installations

Project Resources

  • 3-person crew
  • 1 day assembly
  • Skid-steer
  • Telehandler


  • Remote location
  • Geo-technical conditions not allowing for conventional concrete foundation
  • Rapid installation

1 Level Site
2 King Post
3 Truss Arms
4 Ballast
5 RaisePole
Step 1

Level site for foundation and set your king-post

Step 2

Attach base trays to king-post

Step 3

Attach truss arms onto base trays

Step 4

Attach side walls and add ballast

Step 5

Attach pole sections and raise pole with ARE Hydraulic Ram system