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Case Study

AFS 3000 180’ Conventional Pole VTX1

VTX1 was in need of a system to support communication antennas in a rural area.

AFS 3000

Ballasted System - 180' Conventional Pole
San Antonio, Texas
Completed Installation

The Need

VTX1, a leading broadband and phone provider in Texas for more than 65 years, purchased ARE Telecom’s patented ballast foundation and 180’ monopole for installation to support antennas.


ARE’s AFS ballasted foundation was assembled and filled with local gravel to provide a permanent foundation for VTX1. Currently used at only 59% capacity, the AFS system allows VTX1 the option to add additional antennas or microwave dishes in the future. The AFS 3000 can also be disassembled within days and relocated to a new site if needed.

Project Benchmarks

  • Custom designed monopole to meet customers current and future needs
  • Waldrop Construction brought on as an ARE Telecom certified installer

Project Resources

  • 4-man crew
  • 4-day assembly
  • Telehandler
  • Crane
  • Air Compressor


  • Above ground ballasted foundation to avoid use of concrete
  • Antenna to be installed at 180’
  • New installation crew with no experience using ARE foundations

1 Level Surface
2 King Post Assembly
3 Assembled Legs
4  Fill Ballast
5 Deploy Pole
Step 1

Create a level surface using gravel or aggregate

Step 2

Place king-post in center of leveled ground and set trays around

Step 3

Assemble each leg to the king-post and ballast trays

Step 4

Assemble sidewalls and fill with ballast

Step 5

Attach pole sections with crane