Mission-Ready: Tactical Communication Systems

Mission-ready tactical communication systems with portable ballasted foundations. Ensure secure and reliable communication for emergency response, remote deployment, and military bases.

Rapid Deployment

ARE's self-raising poles and ballasted foundations enable swift installation in temporary military bases or emergency situations, allowing troops to establish secure communication and surveillance networks without delay.

Minimal Disruption

The use of local materials reduces the need for extensive construction, minimizing disruption to the environment and local communities during military operations.

Customizable Solutions

We understand the diverse requirements of the military, and our team can tailor solutions to meet specific communication and surveillance needs, providing a reliable and secure network for critical missions.

Military operations require quick deployment and reliable communication. Therefore, ARE's systems provide the perfect solution for establishing secure and robust networks in temporary military bases, emergency response scenarios, or remote deployment zones. Our ballasted foundations, designed to support monopoles up to 200 feet, offer a stable and portable platform for the installation of antennas, surveillance cameras, and communication equipment, ensuring seamless information exchange and situational awareness.

In challenging military environments, minimal disruption to the surrounding area is imperative. ARE's innovative approach utilizes locally available materials and self-raising poles with hydraulic rams, allows for swift installation with minimal groundwork. This eco-friendly approach not only reduces the environmental footprint but also provides the military with a tactical advantage by avoiding prolonged construction times.

Our company understands that each military operation is unique, and communication needs can vary greatly. Our team of dedicated experts develop tailor-made solutions for each specialized project. ARE'S customizable systems can be adapted to specific requirements, including frequency ranges, encryption protocols, and integration with existing infrastructure. By implemnting ARE's mission-ready communication systems, military personnel can confidently execute their operations, knowing they have access to secure and reliable communication networks that can be rapidly deployed when and where they are needed most.