Empowering Connectivity with Gentle Footprints

ARE's solutions, featuring ballasted foundations, provide park services with a low-impact infrastructure for data collection and communication. Expand connectivity where traditional systems cannot reach.

Access to Challenging Terrain

The innovative design of ARE's solutions allows for installation in areas where heavy machinery cannot reach, expanding connectivity and data insights to remote and ecologically sensitive locations.

Minimal Ground Impact

ARE's infrastructure offers a low-impact solution for data collection and communication in parks, ensuring that natural landscapes remain untouched while enabling vital connectivity.

Efficient Crew Deployment

With ARE's solutions, smaller crews can easily install and maintain the infrastructure, making it practical for park services to establish connectivity without disrupting the serene park atmosphere.

Parks serve as havens of natural beauty and tranquility, often characterized by their pristine landscapes. ARE's solutions, featuring custom ballasted foundations, empower park services to embrace connectivity without compromising the integrity of these landscapes. The emphasis here is on offering a low-impact infrastructure that expands connectivity and data collection in areas where traditional systems could not venture.

ARE's collaboration with clients begins with a comprehensive understanding of their needs, goals, and operational environments. By gaining insight into the industry-specific challenges and equipment requirements, ARE's team of experts can tailor solutions to address these unique aspects effectively. From supporting massive telecom equipment loads to providing secure and discreet military communication infrastructure, ARE's custom solutions adapt to diverse industry demands.

ARE's commitment to minimal ground impact is a cornerstone of their solutions in park services. Unlike conventional infrastructure that might disrupt the natural beauty of parks, ARE's solutions provide a gentle footprint for data collection and communication. This minimal impact ensures that the landscapes remain unspoiled, allowing parkgoers to enjoy the tranquility of nature while benefiting from the connectivity and insights provided by the infrastructure.

An innovation of ARE's solutions lies in their ability to access challenging terrain without heavy machinery. This flexibility is particularly valuable in parks, where ecologically sensitive areas or remote locations may be off-limits to traditional infrastructure installations. ARE's solutions break down these barriers, enabling installation in areas that would have previously been inaccessible. This expansion of reach means that connectivity and data insights can now be extended to remote corners of the park, enhancing visitor experiences and facilitating park management.

An additional advantage of ARE's solutions is their efficiency in crew deployment. Smaller crews can readily install and maintain the infrastructure, eliminating the need for extensive manpower or heavy machinery. This streamlined approach ensures that the park atmosphere remains undisturbed during deployment while enabling park services to establish vital connectivity and data collection. It also minimizes disruptions to park activities and the visitor experience.

In a world where connectivity is paramount, ARE's park service solutions offer a harmonious approach. By focusing on minimal impact, reach to challenging terrain, and efficient deployment, ARE empowers park services to provide connectivity that enhances visitor experiences while preserving the beauty of their parks.