AFS 1350

ARE’s AFS 1350 foundation uses 4 of our AFS 350 Foundations with a Platform for our 100’ Tilt-up Pole. 29’ in diameter, this foundation supports a base moment of 500,000 ft lbs. With a crew of 4 people and proper tools, the foundation can be installed in 2 days.

Installation is simple and quick. Ballast can be local dirt, aggregate, pavers or blocks, or pour pre-cast blocks. Set the (4) AFS 350’s, add the top platform, use threaded rod to level and you’re ready to install the pole.

Our foundations are 8’ square, allowing them to be pre-assembled and trucked to your installation site, where they can be off-loaded and placed. Combined with our Tilt-up Pole that uses (2) 30T ram raising system, this entire foundation and pole can be assembled in 1 day.

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