AFS 600

ARE has created the 600 series to work with poles up to 80’. Using 8 truss-arms that are anchored by ballast tanks, this foundation has two diameters – 15’ without the outer ring of trays, 17’ when the trays are installed, supporting footprint with an outer ring for ballast, the 600 series has a footprint of 17’ in diameter and can support 200,000 ft lbs.

The ballast tanks can be pre-assembled and filled with ballast, then picked and set on a truck for delivery. By pre-assembling the truss arms and ballast tanks, this foundation and pole can be installed in 1 day by a crew of 3 with a skid-steer.

Deployed by US carriers Verizon, T-Mobile and US Cellular – this system is perfect for permanent, long or short-term temporary sites.

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